Why partner with IUPUI?

Sports business leaders talk about their experiences working with SII.

Description of the video:


Rafael Bahamonde: The institutes are important because what they do is they put a group of faculty together and those faculty work with community partners or it could be with other people outside the university which help bring the student in developing research projects and activities. In many locations that doesn't happen because everything stays within the university, but now you go into the outside and you bring in the expertise from people from the outside. You give the students real life experience.


Kasey Coler: We probably take it for granted in the Indianapolis market that we have such a great University here to be able to partner with, but it is critical for our business as well as many other businesses organizations throughout the community. For us and for the other organizations that are out there, it's bringing a young group of folks into the workforce that already have a step ahead of those that may not be getting those real-world experiences. 


William Knox: Typically when we get involved in projects like this the courses kind of breeze over the subject and give us a one or two-page synopsis of what they've done. Just briefly going through some of the binders that were produced forms some of these programs, they went through great lengths to provide very detailed informations based off the project that they research which will be extremely valuable for us. Really the depth that they went through for these different projects was really impressive.


John Gullion: We've done numerous project with IUPUI but the one thing I really enjoy most about it is that they're always being proactive and coming to us with different projects and things that could help our business grow. At the same time it's helping their students as well. With my team of 3 current full-time managers that were all interns at one time.


Kasey Coler: If we were asked about IUPUI and our experience I mean it was nothing but positive. Not only do you get a great product at the end but you also have inquisitive, well rounded students that are not looking just to work on a class project, but really looking to try to find a solution for your company. Being able to work with Dr. Pierce and his team was nothing but first class well-prepared. It was very easy to work with them but also very self-sufficient, so it's really turnkey and they do a really good job of getting their students to execute across the various disciplines of the challenge. 


Rafael Bahamonde: We don't have to go very far away for students to go and do an experience in sports venues and we have the National Institute for Fitness [and Sport] here on campus. We have all these venues within walking distance with tremendous amount of opportunities for them to do the real-life experience that the need to do when they get a job. 

By consulting with the institute, you have access to leaders representing a wide variety of academic disciplines and problem-solving approaches. It’s a one-stop shop. You pose a business challenge that requires a dynamic, multidisciplinary solution. We bring together the right campus and community resources to investigate the problem and propose data-driven, evidence-based results.    

Needs Analysis

We start by conducting a needs analysis with your team to help identify and frame the problem before determining the appropriate research methods or set of solutions. Some of our core strengths are listed below, but we always start with trying to understand your problems. 

When you contact us to help solve a problem, conduct research, or provide program resources, our faculty review your assets, timeline, situation, and desired outcomes. Then, we design a tailored approach to fit your needs and achieve results.

More often than not, our work with you taps into our diverse student base. From graduate-level professionals to undergraduate students looking to build their knowledge and portfolios, our students bring a low-cost, high-impact, fresh perspective into our work with you.


Working with students in the sports data analytics program, we are able to help provide your team with a tactical advantage by answering your most important questions on and off the field. We create predictive models for change, real-time solutions for in-season player performance, performance indicators for sales and marketing, and more. 

Fan Experience

This is a holistic approach to how fans uniquely interact and engage with a product, team, or organization. We use design thinking and research to enhance the experiences that are vital to maintain and grow your fan base, sell your product, establish loyalty to a brand and develop platforms that bring the team or events into your audience’s world.

Social Media

Your social media needs are addressed by our researchers and students. From social media command operations that manage social media in real-time during your event to analyzing your content performance by platform, we can help maximize your impact.

Our research team develops a customized content analysis research protocol and analyzes social media posts by a variety of factors that matter to you. Results will help you allocate time and resources for social content development.

Students, managed by faculty who have years of industry experience, serve as your live social media response team, fielding inquiries during world-class events and protecting your brand. 

Sales Development & Training

Our own David Pierce, Ph.D., is the author of the first textbook devoted to training students to sell in the sport industry. Selling in the Sport Industry is the comprehensive and authoritative guide to preparing students for success in entry-level sales positions in the sport industry with client-based experiential learning sales projects.

Data Visualization

Telling stories with your data makes key findings accessible to everyone in the organization. Our team can visualize different types of data sets using Tableau to help you communicate key insights within your organization. View samples.

Mystery Shopping

Are you wanting to take an empathetic approach to understand the fan experience? Mystery shopping is a great way to help put yourself in the shoes of the fan and see the experience from their point of view. We partner with sport organizations to offer a mystery shopper program that can help you identify gaps in training, find touchpoints that may be missing the mark with fans, and deliver high quality service to guests.

Talent Development

As an academic institution, our first goal is to provide IUPUI students with immersive, exciting, and unique experiences within their field of study. These different projects help develop our students into the next innovators, researchers, and leaders within the sports industry.

Sports & Product Development and Testing

The advancement and success of any business or organization relies on the continued research and development of products and services that move their respective industry forward. We create and execute innovative studies and testing products affecting athletic performance, recovery, and safety in and outside the game.