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VO: This city… the circle city… knows sports, big events, and how to crown a champion.

VO: And yet we aren’t satisfied with yesterday.

VO: Now is the time to move our vision for the industry - forward.

VO: It is a race to connect, create, and innovate the sports industry…
going beyond the game.

VO: This isn’t an idea waiting to happen.

VO: It’s already HERE.

VO: The IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute blends academic knowhow with an entrepreneurial spirit.

VO: We push the boundaries of sports technology and innovation.

VO: A proven concept by a proven entity, it just works.

VO: A rich history of research, product development, sales training, and talent development provides a foundation for innovation.

VO: We have done it before, we are innovating now, and we will continue to lead into the future.

VO: It’s Research, Collaboration, Tech, Sports, Innovation, Here.

VO: IUPUI. Sports Innovation Industry. It’s Here.

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Our passion is rivaled only by our drive to inspire the next great business or sports-related idea that goes well beyond the game.

The Sports Innovation Institute blends academic thinking with an entrepreneurial spirit to create, discover, and promote unique products, services, and game-day experiences. Your charitable gifts support this work and position IU Indianapolis as the multi-disciplinary, game-changing leader in sports research, talent development, and market innovation. 

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